At Timberwyck, we're all about having fun. But there are a couple of rules you should know.

No kids under 12 without an adult.

Please look after your kids in the baby pool. We have two lifeguards on duty, but they're busy watching the main pool. Please keep track of your little ones. Also, if there are little kids in the baby pool, we ask parents to keep their bigger kids out of the pool at the same time. 

No glass. At Timberwyck, you can bring your own beverages. But please keep it to cans. If you do have a glass bottle, pour it into a cup in the grassy area and recycle your bottle. No glass on the concrete or in the pool. Ever. 

Share the grills. The grills and gas are free, but they do cost money to refill. So share the rack, if you got it running. Also, please clean off the grill utensils after use. 

If you bring a guest, you must bring a pass. Passes are available for purchase in the Timberwyck store in sets of five. Just print your receipt and show it to the guards to receive your passes.

Grandparents and sitters aren't guests. They count as "parents." So if you have a family membership and they want to take the kids to the pool, have fun. 

All kids under 12 must take the deep-end test. In order to use the diving board and swim in the deep end without a parent, all kids under 12 must pass a deep end test. Ask the lifeguard to take the test. It takes a few minutes and if your child passes, they'll receive a wristband good for the entire summer. Also, please have your children wear the appropriate wristband at all times. 

No smoking on the property. 

Check the board. Any other information you need to know is on the board at the pool house.